tiistai 9. heinäkuuta 2013

Meanwhile in Sweden: Stockholm!

So, as promised, here are some more pics from our holiday in Stockholm.
First few pics are from the ferry ride on thursday. Ship photographer took some frames (these guys are quite persistant to take photos for you to buy later on). So my hubby took pics about him taking pics, ehe.. :D

I love this one my hubby took

 Our hotel room was small but really cute and had everything essential. Comfy and soft bed, telly, clean restroom and quality shower. :)

Mmmm, what a comfy bed after long day of walking

Saturday we strolled in Södermalm area.

Can't spot wifi here... :/

Yeah, my frisör is quite nicely thank you!

 I finally found Sivletto! This is such a cute shop with vintage and repro clothing, shoes, books, mags, music, and, and..!

More Miss L Fire shoes...mmmm?

Little refreshment and were off to the ferry again.

At this point we thought that rest of the trip we can relax and sleep well...

This is my sweetheart <3 td="">

Couple of poses

Until next time!

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